Body Conditioning

body con 1Body Conditioning will help you shape up and tone up your muscles using low weights with high repetitions and is great for muscle definition and strength.

Body Conditioning classes or private training use a variety of weights including dumb bells, kettle bells, power bags and medicine balls as well as body weight exercises.

It consists usually of an aerobic element, weights or resistance section coupled with a range of motion exercises. They are performed at a properly elevated heart rate with exercise intensity and duration adjusted to the individual or level of the class, for an all over body work out.

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The results are usually weight loss, increase in lean muscle and a deeper level of overall strength and balance. There are many types of Body Conditioning exercise, Pilates being one of them. The trick is choose the one that is correct for your body as well as mind. Like many, you might start off with Pilates and move onto a more high intensity Body Conditioning class when your fitness has reached an appropriate level.

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