Children Anatomy 3Compared to adults, children show considerable and important differences in their bodily responses to exercise.  We need to be aware of these differences to avoid imposing undue and unwitting physical stress on their young charges which might cause negative feelings about exercise.

Yoga for children has many benefits.  The slow, flowing movements aid in building flexibility and enables an increase level of concentration that can help slow a young mind down.  It can also help hyperactive children or ones with attention deficit disorder as it helps them channel these impulses in a positive manner.

In addition Yoga for children can also instil good postural practice, helping them to develop better body awareness, flexibility and coordination.  In essence it can help your child in many avenues of life and help them achieve balance in their young lives.

Susan is looking to set up a children’s Yoga class soon. She is currently doing research on the best area and time for the class. If you have some input with regards to this, Susan would love to hear from you. Please email [email protected] with – Yoga for children – in the subject box.

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