About Us

Stretch 1Susan Yu has over 10 years’ experience within the scientific, medical and wellness field. Her gymnastics background combined with Yoga , Pilates and osteopathic knowledge, has given her a unique perspective on functional body training, promoting weight loss, rehabilitation, back pain management, fitness and well-being. Her fitness treatments train both mind and body building strength and wellness in both areas.

Having built a seven year career in PR, Marketing and Events, Susan left the corporate hustle to pursue a life in health and well-being after an enlightened moment one morning when she asked herself “Is it worth it?”

She is now qualified to train in multiple areas of fitness and specialises in fitness treatment for aliments such as back pain, sports injuries and general wellness deficits, using fitness, medical and osteopathic knowledge. She believes an array of wellness techniques, needs to be considered, in order to develop the right fitness treatment programme for an individual.

Her first-hand experience of the corporate world has given her an in depth understanding of the mental and physical stresses that an “office life” can lead. The battles she faced with her own body, have given her an even greater knowledge of how the mind and body need to function in tandem, before any real goal can be achieved. Her teachings are not only aimed to combat these stresses but also to improve health, state of mind and increase quality of life.

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