downward-dog1Living healthy and loving life is a balance that is sometimes hard to find. Health is not only personal to each individual but mental as well as physical. What might work for one person might not work for another? Susan believes positive mentality is key to finding this balance and that the type of fitness used to help promote it, is specific to each person.

Most know that stress is a huge factor in weight gain. Susan’s philosophy sees happiness as a huge factor in weight loss. Quite simply, do what makes you happy. To reap the full benefits of any fitness, health and well-being regime, your mind needs to be in a positive space before the body reacts in a positive way.

Gruelling work outs at the gym or diets that leave you with Ryvita and green salads can lead to minimal weight loss or worse, weight gain alongside a haggard appearance if you allow negative emotions such as stress to mentally bully you. More importantly it can lead to you being depressed or unhappy.

Here Susan offers a unique and specialist approach to fitness and well-being that will aid in ones search of that balance. Where the world of fad diets and gruelling work outs do not exists, but instead living your life at a healthy pace that is suited to you whilst still achieving your fitness goals and feeling great.


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